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Construction poised to re-start economic engine halted by COVID-19

Work on current Dart projects resumes through phased approach

A controlled reopening of the local construction industry will start Tuesday, 19 May following the last two weeks of COVID-19 frontline testing. The Cayman Islands Government says this decision paves the way for work to begin on approved construction sites following Department of Planning inspections and health screenings.


Cayman Compass: Developers poised to lead economic recovery

As many as 50 major construction projects are ready to resume as soon as government gives the green light, according to some of Cayman’s major developers - including Dart.

Government has earmarked the reopening of the sector – potentially as early as this month – as a means to stimulate the domestic economy.


R3 Cayman Foundation launches as private sector foundation for disaster Readiness, Relief and Recovery

While there is still much global uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dart’s commitment to the Cayman Islands remains steadfast. Guided by our values of innovation and teamwork, we are proud to to be part of the establishment of the R3 Cayman Foundation. We believe that by pooling resources and expertise, the private sector can leverage its strengths to complement the Cayman Islands Government-led efforts and make an invaluable contribution to each of the three islands’ preparation, response and resilience in times of national emergency. 


Dart prepares for extended period without overseas visitors

As COVID-19 continues to devastate the global travel industry, it has become clear there will be an extended period of time before we can expect visitors to start returning to the Cayman Islands. The Government has indicated that Cayman’s borders will remain closed for several months and that tourism is unlikely to pick up much before the end of the year. Businesses are advised to plan accordingly. 

For the hotels in Dart’s hospitality portfolio, we are faced with some difficult decisions. When our properties closed to guests in March, we had hoped our commitment to continue to pay employees for 10 weeks would be enough to weather the storm. Unfortunately, it now seems the hotels will be closed for a significantly longer period of time.


CEO perspective: Optimism and investments as a catalyst

By: Mark VanDevelde, Dart CEO

In just a few months, COVID-19 has changed our world dramatically, and we have had to adapt quickly to a new way of working and living. Although much is still unknown about the virus and the extent of the global economic impact, I am confident we have many reasons for optimism about the long-term future of our business and our community.


Gardening 101: Tips to get growing this Garden month

We’ve all heard about the proverbial green thumb. 

Contrary to popular belief, whether you find gardening to be a bed of roses or you think you’re more of a late bloomer, anyone can become a successful gardener with the right guidance and commitment 

The month of April is recognised globally as Garden Month - an encouragement to take advantage of the spring months to grow new plants and tend to existing ones. For beginners, it’s a great time of year to try your hand at gardening and to cultivate your own green thumb. 


Cayman Compass: ‘A wing and a prayer’ – The inside story of Cayman’s Korea deal

It was a deal a country the size of the Cayman Islands should never have been able to pull off. The story of how the deal came together is both international and uniquely Caymanian.