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Camana Bay Times: Public Beach Getting an Upgrade

As the athletes sent sand flying and emotions soaring at last month’s NORCECA Beach Volleyball Tournament, the Decco team was hard at work behind nearby construction fencing to complete the first phase of a US$3 million project to enhance the recreational areas at Seven Mile Public Beach.


The Development of Communities in Cayman through Sports

Whether the tune is “take me out to the ball game”, or “ole, ole, ole, ole”, sports unite people from different social backgrounds and are an important factor in the development of communities.

Observed through the benefits they provide, the impact that sports have on a community include extra-curricular and social activities, improved health and wellbeing, national and international representation, and valuable life skills, among others

As an investor in local communities, Dart’s purpose aligns with the vital role that sports play in the Cayman Islands and in youth development.


Cayman Billfish Rundown to Diversify the Cayman Islands Tourism Offering

Fishing is serious business, not just for anglers seeking to hook some of the substantial prize money on offer, but also for tournament hosts who can use the opportunity to showcase their destination to visiting boat owners and crews.

More than 30 boats head to sea this week for the inaugural Cayman Billfish Rundown competition, a new multi-day fishing tournament co-sponsored by Hurley’s Media in partnership with Dart and The Residences at Seafire.


Meet Four of Dart’s Working Moms

Motherhood is arguably one of the world’s most demanding jobs. Across the globe, mothers work tirelessly to nurture, feed, heal, entertain, teach and inspire their children. Their list of duties is as diverse as it is endless. Pursuing a career—whether by choice or in order to provide their families with necessary financial support—adds a layer of complexity to an already challenging role.

Among these women are the mothers on Dart’s workforce who dedicate themselves to family and career, a balancing act that merits infinite praise.


Camana Bay Times: Recognising Excellence in STEM Teaching

The Dart Minds Inspired Award for Excellence in Teaching STEM was held on May 2 at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands to recognise outstanding educators in the subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics – collectively known as STEM.


The next generation of scientists on display

Judges at this year’s Science Fair had their work cut out, choosing from over 74 projects entered by 112 students from across the Cayman Islands.

Designed to foster an interest in science in young people, the Dr Bill Hrudey Science Fair is sponsored by Rotary Central and Dart. Now in its 13th year, the competition was held at Camana Bay’s Arts and Recreation Centre on April 27.


Dart Labs Driving Innovation with an Eye on the Future

In a recent speech outlining the Cayman Islands Government’s policy agenda through 2021, Premier Alden McLaughlin highlighted the need for a “radical new approach to public transport” in the Cayman Islands.

“All the evidence suggests that if we simply increase road capacity, then sooner or later the roads will just become congested again as our population continues to grow,” he said. “In anticipating tomorrow’s problems we must deliver alternative solutions.”

For the team at Dart Labs, redefining the status quo of commuting in the Cayman Islands has been the driver behind its three most recent pilot programmes: Camana Bikes, Better Commute, and ZÜN, the last of which launched in 2019.