News at Dart

Upcycling at the community shed

Whether you call it "upcycling," "repurposing," or "creative reuse," the results are the same: Through hard work and imagination, items that would otherwise head to the landfill are given new life. The men and women at the Community Shed are masters of turning one person’s trash into another’s treasure.


Acts of kindness that make a difference

Since 2006, Cayman’s Acts of Random Kindness — better known as ARK — has endeavoured to change lives for the better in the Cayman Islands. Whether it’s restoring a home for a single mother and her children, making sure underprivileged students don’t go hungry or reconnecting electricity and water for families that cannot afford to maintain their utilities, ARK’s programmes strive to improve quality of life for the most vulnerable in our society.


Addressing the Landfill

Towering about 90 feet above sea level, the George Town Landfill represents approximately 40 acres of waste that has been accumulating since the 1970s. Fortunately, the days of relying exclusively on landfill disposal are numbered.


Resilient construction: A must in today’s world

Increased attention to weather and geological events is driving resilient construction in the Western Hemisphere, and industry experts agree the Cayman Islands is a leader when it comes to quality construction.

The future of Cayman's trash

Last year, the Cayman Islands Government announced that work is expected to begin in 2020 to cap and cover parts of the main mound at the George Town Landfill.  Also expected to begin this year is an environmental impact assessment to study the potential impact of the facilities that are proposed for Grand Cayman's integrated solid waste management system.


Dart Grants applications sought

Non-profit organisations with high-impact work in the areas of education, youth development and the physical environment can now apply for a grant of either CI$25,000 or CI$50,000 as part of the Dart Grants programme.


Investing in Cayman's Future

Looking back at 2019, sustainability has been a common theme around the world, from global issues like climate change and immigration, to more local issues like the rate of physical development and traffic congestion.

“Sustainability underpins everything we do. We are committed to Cayman and its sustainable future. At Dart, we are directing our attention and resources to creating exceptional opportunities, places and experiences that enrich lives now and for future generations,” said Mark VanDevelde, CEO of Dart Enterprises, Cayman’s largest investor and private employer.