News at Dart

Community collaboration helps family at risk

The situation was desperate: Three generations — including five young children and one teenager —were living together in a home that was dangerously unsound.


Creating opportunities for shared prosperity

“Despite the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has not changed our perspective on the Cayman Islands. We continue to be positive, optimistic and hold a long-term view about Cayman’s future.”

Chief Executive Officer Mark VanDevelde says Dart’s commitment to the Cayman Islands remains strong. That is why, during challenging times, like the present one created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is moving ahead with a new master-planned community, continuing its legacy of stimulating the economy during difficult times; and creating thoughtful, well-designed neighbourhoods where people gather to live, work, play and enjoy an island lifestyle. 


Celebrating 25 years of the Dart Nursery

Well before shovels went in the ground for any of its real estate, retail or hospitality developments, Dart built its nursery. 


Trash talk: Green trends for 2021

Over the course of 2020 — a year in which the Cayman Islands faced landfill fires, dodged major hurricanes, withstood an earthquake and navigated a global pandemic — the word "sustainability" took on new meaning. If going green was a trend before, it’s a major focus now, transforming individual habits and organisational operations around the world. While the pandemic saw a temporary increase in some single-use items for health and safety reasons, it also sparked a number of sustainable trends expected to continue in 2021.


Kimpton Seafire splash park planned as new children’s amenity

A new splash park at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa designed to be a fun-filled amenity for toddlers to primary-school-age children was recently approved by the Central Planning Authority.


Cayman International School welcomes students into new high school building

Cayman International School opened the doors of its new high school building this week, welcoming 160 returning high school students in grades nine through 12, its highest enrollment in the division to date. The high school expansion was completed in partnership with Dart and the school’s governing body International Schools Services and marks the final phase of a $60 million investment by the Kenneth B. Dart Foundation to double the capacity of the school.


Dart's 2020 year in review

For all of us, 2020 will be an unforgettable year. The world over, we've either witnessed or experienced the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic on human life, of natural and environmental disasters, of economic turmoil and of social unrest.

However, in the midst of deep uncertainty and unprecedented changes, there has been reason to be hopeful and optimistic about a better future.  

Dart remains committed to the Cayman Islands, and where possible, has moved forward with projects and investments expected to benefit and bolster the economy. Throughout the year, the company worked with the Cayman Islands Government, the private sector and non-profit organisations to provide help and resources where needed.

Here are a few highlights of the year that Dart is proud to look back on.