News at Dart

Camana Bay Times: Boom Town Grand Cayman

Luxury hotels, including Dart properties such as the Ritz Carlton, Cayman Islands and Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, have helped with the island’s significant growth in tourism - which is breaking local records.


Camana Bay Times: Minds Inspired’s Inspirational Manager

Glenda McTaggart manages the Minds Inspired programme at Dart and is focused on giving students opportunities to help shape their future.


Dart’s 2017 Year in Review

From acquisitions and anniversaries to astronauts and awards, 2017 was a remarkable year for Dart. Here are the highlights:


Camana Bay Times: Dart Labs Looks to the Future

This month, Dart Labs makes a noteworthy public debut, an endeavour of vision and ingenuity that holds a promise of extraordinary things to come.


Media Statement: Dart Neuroscience Closing Operations

Dart NeuroScience, a pharmaceutical company based in San Diego and funded by Ken Dart, announced its closure on 7 December 2017.  The company’s mission was to research and develop new methods to improve memory function.  Despite an investment in excess of $700 million dollars over the past decade, and despite the stellar effort of a capable and dedicated team of highly qualified scientists, Dart NeuroScience has not generated adequate signs of any human memory improvement or motor rehabilitation. The investment required to continue even some of these programmes would run into several billion dollars, with questionable odds of success.  As it is clear the investment is not viable, the Board made the pragmatic decision to wind up operations.  Every effort will be made to support and assist staff as they seek new opportunities.


wide shot of mark vendevelde

Camana Bay Times: Mark VanDevelde: Envisioning Camana Bay

Camana Bay’s 10-year anniversary has received a lot of attention, but for Mark VanDevelde, CEO of Dart Enterprises, the past decade has represented less than half of the time he has been involved in seeing the master-planned, multi-decade project reach this point.


wide shot of pilar bush

Camana Bay Times: Pilar Bush: Embracing the big picture

Dart’s Executive Vice President of Marketing Pilar Bush discusses the importance of brand and shares some insights into the company’s founder Ken Dart as an investor, real estate developer and philanthropist who has chosen the Cayman Islands for his global headquarters.