News at Dart

Trash Talk: What is an environmental impact assessment?

An environmental impact assessment will be performed for the new integrated solid waste management facilities that will form ReGen, Cayman’s Energy and Recycling Centre.


Nine local non-profits selected for 2021 Dart Grants

Dart is proud to announce nine local non-profit organisations as the recipients of the 2021 Dart Grants, providing them with additional funds that can help them better serve the Cayman Islands community.


Full steam ahead for new waste system

The Cayman Islands Government has signed a 25-year contract with Dart to design, build, finance, maintain and operate a new integrated solid waste management system, and complete the ongoing remediation of the George Town Landfill.


Trash talk: Recycling e-waste

Although electronic waste items — including discarded televisions, cellphones and batteries — make up a relatively small portion of recyclables in the Cayman Islands, they are among the most important to dispose of properly.


Dart addresses PAD concerns 

Dart is aware there is some anxiety in the local community about the proposed Planned Area Development (PAD) for the area north of Governor’s Harbour in terms of future development and how it may impact beach access. 


Dart at high school career fairs

Around the world, the pandemic has changed the way students learn and the careers to which they aspire.

In the United Kingdom, research has shown an uptick in student interest in healthcare and engineering jobs. With COVID-19 enhancing the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics — STEM subjects — Dart's Minds Inspired is using job fairs and its own digital forum to introduce local students to STEM career opportunities.


COVID-19 heroes recognised

2020 was a year that will be etched in our collective memory, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to grip the world.

However, in the Cayman Islands, we now live life as normal as possible during these times, with no face masks, no social distancing and a peace of mind knowing that we are safe from the virus as we move around freely throughout the community.