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Dart-led consortium is Preferred Bidder for ISWMS Contract

Cayman Islands Government announced today that a Dart-led consortium has been chosen as the preferred bidder for the proposed Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS) to be implemented in the Cayman Islands.

ISWMS will replace the current landfill in George Town, which is nearing the end of its life.


dart vp christian blais speaking with his hands camana bay times

Camana Bay Times: Christian Blais: Connecting Dart with the Future

As the Vice President of Information Technology at Dart Enterprises, Christian Blais uses his years of experience with advancing technology, combined with his desire to embrace the culture of the place he now calls home, to contribute to the continuous improvement of his team, the company and the community.


roof shot of solar panels and camana bay

Investing in Cayman: Dart's long-term commitment to the country

Last month, Dart added new properties to its real estate portfolio. Dart is already a significant stakeholder in the country’s tourism industry, and these acquisitions are a testament to Dart’s long-term commitment to the Cayman Islands.


senior manager dart nursery cayman islands

Camana Bay Times: Andy Adapa: Growing with the Job

Anand “Andy” Adapa has planted his roots in the island that developed his experience in horticulture, and led him to his role as Dart Nursery’s Senior Manager, Landscape Services. He embraces the challenges that each project brings and provides his expertise to continue to make the landscape of Dart properties unique.


group of dart minds inspired interns 2017 at camana bay

Minds Inspired: enriching the future

Five Minds Inspired scholars spent two weeks in Oxford, England, in July to attend a summer school held at the prestigious university. Living and studying on campus, the high school students explored a subject of their choice, getting hands-on experience and potentially discovering a future career path.


dart donates land for hospicecare group photo

Dart donates land for new Cayman HospiceCare facility

In June, Cayman HospiceCare broke ground on its future home, a dedicated facility for dignified, end-of-life care on a 1.15 acre lot donated by the Dart group.


cameron graham dart president decco leadership team

Camana Bay Times: Cameron Graham: Design and Delivery

Cameron Graham, President of Decco, Dart Development, shares some insights about achieving success in real estate development and pays tribute to his team for their role in delivering over 1.5 million square feet of built space in the Cayman Islands.