News at Dart

Dart files Notice of Appeal for further clarification on the Britannia lands

Grand Cayman, 23 June 2021: The Cayman Islands Grand Court recently delivered a decision concerning rights in respect of residential properties that were developed in conjunction with a resort hotel and sold with the benefit of agreements that entitled owners in Britannia (Owners) to enjoy, upon payment of a fee, certain benefits of the resort, namely the right to play tennis on certain tennis courts, to play golf on a golf course and to access certain beach club facilities forming part of the resort (Rights).  

The decision is of interest for what it says about what happens to such rights when (1) the hotel and resort cease to operate; and (2) certain of the facilities cease to be usable. The hotel and resort had ceased to operate in 2004 (following Hurricane Ivan), although the golf course, beach and tennis courts remained to some extent in place. The land on which the resort stood was successively sold until it was acquired in 2016 by Dart. When Dart acquired the land, the land registers pertaining to it recorded that certain agreements (Agreements) had been entered into with respect to the land. The legal effect of those Agreements was the subject of considerable uncertainty, as the 184 pages taken up by the judgment attest. 

Dart, who had not been involved in creating the Agreements, brought the proceedings to clarify the legal position surrounding the golf course lands. While the judgment offers some clarity to certain matters, there remain considerable uncertainties about the future use of the land. 


Cayman’s first Internet Exchange Point now operational in Camana Bay

Dart and SALT Wireless announced today that the Cayman Islands’ first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) will be operational soon at Dart’s Data Centre in Camana Bay.


Full steam ahead for new waste system

The Cayman Islands Government has signed a 25-year contract with Dart to design, build, finance, maintain and operate a new integrated solid waste management system, and complete the ongoing remediation of the George Town Landfill.


Dart addresses PAD concerns 

Dart is aware there is some anxiety in the local community about the proposed Planned Area Development (PAD) for the area north of Governor’s Harbour in terms of future development and how it may impact beach access. 


Planning for the future: A mixed use neighbourhood in Seven Mile Beach corridor

This week, Dart submitted an application to the Central Planning Authority for a planned area development (PAD) encompassing a mixed-use, resort and residential neighbourhood on either side of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway between Governor’s Harbour and Salt Creek.


Kimpton Seafire splash park planned as new children’s amenity

A new splash park at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa designed to be a fun-filled amenity for toddlers to primary-school-age children was recently approved by the Central Planning Authority.