Dart submits planning application for centralised laundry facility

Grand Cayman, 24 September 2020: Dart submitted a planning application for the construction of a facility to centralise laundry services for hotels within the Dart hospitality portfolio in Grand Cayman. Located in the Industrial Park area, the facility will reduce the environmental impact of the hotel laundering process and increase operational effectiveness.

Currently, each hotel partner performs their own laundry services on premises. A centralised facility provides an opportunity to streamline current processes and implement the latest in technology, resulting in water savings of  17.8 million gallons per year, and CO2 emissions reductions of 173,000 lbs per year; the equivalent of 17 cars (figure based on the US Environmental Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Equivalency Calculator).

Although the central laundry facility was in the works before the COVID-19 pandemic, the continuing effects on the global tourism industry offer an opportunity to progress development projects that contribute to the interim local economic recovery while positioning the hospitality industry for a more sustainable future.

Planning approval was granted on 2 September and construction is expected to be complete in 2021.


Media Contact:

Hannah Reid


[email protected]