A day in the life of an electric vehicle driver

Written by Maya Lewis:

Stepping into my electric car in the morning, I take a quick glance at the battery level. Anything above 30% is fine for another 48 hours. Anything below that and I might consider charging it somewhere before it gets too low.

I try not to get to a point where I’d get caught out with an unexpected journey, although with an average full battery range of 100 miles, it’s hard to think of a scenario where an electric car wouldn’t suffice in Cayman. I know a lot of potential electric vehicle owners dread their battery dying mid-trip, leaving them stranded, but the truth is that probably isn’t going to happen. Electric cars are ideally suited for this island and, with an increasing number of charging stations popping up, Grand Cayman is made for them.

Going to work at Camana Bay is only a short drive away and one I might feel worse about making if it weren’t for the fact that my car is emission-free.

If I’m in need of an early morning caffeine fix, I’ll take advantage of the fact that new charging stations have been installed in Camana Bay's Solaris parking garage so I can plug in on my way to Jessie’s Juice Bar. There’s something of an unwritten rule among electric car drivers whereby you plug in when you need to, but make sure you yield to another electric vehicle owner as soon as your car's needs have been met — call it EV etiquette, if you will.

After a couple hours in the office, I’m off to a meeting at Cayman Distributors where I know I can park directly in front of the headquarters thanks to their electric vehicle charging and parking spot — a nice perk and just one of the efforts the company is making in the world of renewables, alongside their rooftop solar array.

Once the meeting is over, it’s back to Camana Bay, where I close out the workday before heading home with a stop at Foster's Supermarket for dinner supplies. Charging stations are available in the supermarket car park so I often feed two birds with one seed — I fill my fridge and my car battery at the same time!

At 5:30 p.m., it's time for my smooth, quiet, comfortable and guilt-free ride home.


This article appears in print in the May 2021 edition of Camana Bay Times.