Success, growth and opportunity: A gathering of Cayman’s leaders take stock of leadership challenges

How must leaders grow as their organisations evolve and change? Leadership experts and co-authors of “What Happens Now? Reinvent Yourself as a Leader Before Your Business Outruns You,” John Hillen and Mark Nevins led a gathering of Cayman’s decision-makers in an engaging breakfast session yesterday at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa.

“Here at Dart, we believe that a rising tide raises all ships, and a successful Cayman benefits all,” says CEO Mark VanDevelde.

In that spirit, VanDevelde saw an opportunity to bring together distinguished leaders from government, private enterprise, NGOs and small business, for a provocative discussion on sustaining leadership in a fast-paced, high-growth environment. Participants were encouraged to share challenges their organisations were facing, with many expressing common concerns around communication, technology and alignment around a common purpose.

In their presentation, Hillen and Nevins explained that as businesses grow and leaders take on more responsibility, effective leadership required new approaches and mindsets.

“Leaders don’t need to only change their organisations,” says Hillen. “They need to reinvent themselves.”

Relying on the managerial and technical tactics which brought success in the past will prove insufficient and inadequate; new and sophisticated strategic and interpersonal skills are needed to successfully manage one’s self and team, explained Nevins.

Hillen and Nevins encouraged the room to keep the conversation going beyond the seminar and offered seven goals for sophisticated leaders to raise their game:

1. Broadcast a vision with clarity and purpose

2. Align a high-performing team

3. Engage and manage important stakeholders

4. Communicate and lead change

5. Earn trust and respect on character, not title

6. Focus time and energy on the highest priority items which only you can do

7. Invest in coaching and developing your future leaders.

The success of yesterday’s event has encouraged VanDevelde to arrange other thought leadership gatherings in the future.

“Effective leadership has been, and will continue to be, a critical factor in sustaining our success in the Cayman Islands,” says VanDevelde.