Camana Bay beach to feature pop-up bar and restaurant

Dart has submitted a planning application for a pop-up bar and restaurant slated to open in spring 2019 at the Camana Bay beach, formerly the Coral Caymanian.

The new bar and restaurant will be leased to a third-party operator and will utilise existing buildings and prefabricated structures to create a low-impact development. The facility is intended as a short-term activation of the beach for a planned maximum of three years, as Dart considers future options for the site as part of the overall masterplan for Camana Bay.

A new beach bar at Camana Bay provides residents and visitors additional amenities to enjoy on Seven Mile Beach. Plans include retrofitting the existing cottage on the beach site for the bar, and temporary structures that can be removed and repurposed without leaving a substantial footprint on the natural environment.

Further announcements regarding the local operator, and the culinary and design concepts for the pop-up venue will be announced in early 2019.