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Camana Bay 10th anniversary

As Camana Bay turns 10 this November, we celebrate the 10 things that make the town exceptional.

1. Quality

If Dart is known for one thing, it is for quality. As its flagship development, Camana Bay has set a new standard for excellence in design and construction. Whether architecture and landscaping or event production and creative campaigns, Camana Bay is consistently best in class.

2. Commitment

In a region where real estate developers come and go, some before their projects even break ground, Dart is in the Cayman Islands for the long run. The vision of founder Ken Dart, Camana Bay is 20 years in to a multi-decade plan that will continue to evolve over generations.

3. Soup to nuts

Unlike many development models, Dart’s involvement in a project does not end with construction, it typically extends on to property management of the finished product. Sister companies Dart Development and Dart Real Estate collaborate throughout the process, balancing form and function to ensure the end user is always kept first in mind.

4. Inclusivity

Camana Bay is open to all. While its location near Seven Mile Beach allows it to command premium rates, it is not a gated community. You don’t have to live or work at Camana Bay to enjoy a stroll round the harbour, sit by the fountains or picnic on the lawn. And if you want to grab a cup of coffee while you do, there’s no shortage of options.

5. Sense of community

In keeping with this approach, Camana Bay has sought to involve the local community from day one, when the town opened with a big street party. Ten years later, Camana Bay’s Experiences & Engagement team runs more than 700 events per year – from children’s story time in the book store to large-scale food festivals.

6. School

At the heart of the Camana Bay community is the Cayman International School, the town’s first tenant. Recognising the role a school plays as the cornerstone of a community’s development, Dart also places high value on education as a way of attracting and retaining top talent in the Cayman Islands.

busy farmers market day on the paseo camana bay grand cayman
The Paseo

7. Nursery

Sustainability at its best, the Dart nursery was created 10 years before the first brick was laid, to grow the native and indigenous plants and trees you see throughout the town centre today. Now a signature of Dart design, the landscaping and green spaces at Camana Bay are as important as the buildings themselves.

8. Careers

A project of Camana Bay's size and scope creates a wide range of job opportunities: whether managing and programming existing properties or planning and preparing for future phases. Dart is now one of the largest private sector employers in the Cayman Islands.

9. Business hub

Demand for Camana Bay’s Class A commercial office space has exceeded all expectations. Anchor tenants EY and Cayman National Bank led the way in establishing Camana Bay as the region’s fastest growing business district, now home to companies across multiple industries including financial services, law firms and reinsurance.

10. Homes

A final differentiator as a real estate developer was Dart’s decision to build the town centre ahead of its residential product. The advantage to Grand Cayman real estate buyers is they will find all the amenities they could wish for within walking distance of their front door.