The Art of Luxury

A stay in Seven South at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman is a special, one-of-a-kind experience. Built in 2016, Seven South offers nearly 20,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space consisting of the 8,000-square-foot, three-bedroom Grand Cayman Penthouse, and three adjoining two-bedroom suites, all located on the top floor wing of the resort's Ocean Tower. As many as 18 guests can stay in the luxury penthouse and adjoining suites.

This fall, Seven South was added back to the hotel inventory, meaning that it can once again be booked by guests. To personalise the experience of staying in Seven South, The Ritz-Carlton entered into a collaboration with local artist Shane "Dready" Aquart.

Aquart is a digital artist whose whimsical, colourful pieces feature “Dready,” a playful stick-figure character, in everyday Caribbean scenes, often with a sense of humour. Dready has made Aquart one of the most popular artists in the Cayman Islands, so much so that Aquart himself is even known as Dready.

The Ritz-Carlton commissioned Aquart to create a piece inspired by the Seven South penthouse, which is now on display for guests to enjoy in the suite itself. In addition, each group of guests staying in Seven South will return home with a customised Seven South Dready keepsake. This mini-version of the original is customised by presenting representations of the family members staying at Seven South as they look out at the Caribbean Sea over Seven Mile Beach. The family member's names and the date of their stay are also printed on the canvas.

The artwork is presented in two panels, with a square piece placed to the right of a larger rectangle, giving a wide-angle view of the scene.

"I did this so I could include the hotel and beach with the water," Aquart said, noting that the ocean element captures the varying shades of blue for which the waters off Seven Mile Beach are famous. 

To be able to complete the customised version quickly, just the backs of the family members' heads are shown, with the rest of their bodies submerged in a pool. This way, Aquart needs to know only the colour, length and style of the family members' hair to complete the artwork. 

"I needed something guests could take home with them in their luggage and it had to be simple enough to produce within a week," he said.

If the family wants a full-sized version of the customised piece, they can engage Aquart separately to do so.

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman General Manager Marc Langevin said the idea of the collaboration with Aquart is to give guests a keepsake to take home so they can remember their stay.

“From the moment guests arrive at Seven South until their departure from our oceanside haven, now with a Dready piece of their own, we are committed to enhancing the overall guest experience.”