Secrets of the spa: welcoming men to spa services

In today’s fast-paced society, men and women alike are seeking ways to unwind and spas offer a popular way to do just that.

At the Spa at Seafire, we are definitely seeing more male customers every year. In fact, a study conducted by the International Spa Association indicated that men now make up 47% of the spa customer base.

However, for some men, visiting the spa can still be a daunting experience. The unfamiliar surroundings and not knowing what to do can deter men from booking a spa service.
Below are the answers to some of the most common questions asked by our male clientele:

Are there treatments for men?

It’s a common misconception that spa treatments are just for women, but men can also enjoy a spa visit and benefit from the treatments. Most treatments offered are unisex and many spas have a dedicated page on their treatment menu for men.

What time should I arrive?

Most spas will require you to fill out an intake form, so it is usually recommended that spa guests arrive 45 minutes before their scheduled treatment time to complete the paperwork and allow ample time to relax and make full use of spa facilities such as hot tubs, saunas or steam rooms.

What should I wear?

Most spas will offer you a locker with robe and slippers. At the Spa at Seafire, if you plan on using any of the coed facilities like the soaking tub, you should wear a swimsuit underneath as well. When getting a massage, undress to your own comfort level — either nude or wearing a dry swimsuit or underwear.

What can I expect during a facial treatment?

A facial treatment is a lot more than just products being rubbed on the face. Every spa is different but generally, for men’s facials, you can expect a deep cleanse, exfoliation with steam followed by extractions to remove any unwanted blackheads and debris. While the facemask is on you will usually enjoy a neck and shoulder massage and relaxing scalp massage. Your therapist will guide you through your treatment before it begins so that you will know what to expect. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask.

Should I shave before a facial?

If you have a beard, don’t shave it off just for a facial. Your esthetician can concentrate on the hair-free areas. If you normally shave (clean-shaven or stubble), shaving is a good idea so that the products can penetrate. However, because shaving exfoliates the skin and can leave it too sensitive for certain treatments, do not shave the day of a facial.

June is International Men’s Health Month and to celebrate this as well as Father's Day this month, the Spa at Seafire will introduce OM4, an organic male product line to their expanding range of services and offerings for men.

Anneka Greenway is the manager at the Spa at Seafire at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa.


This article appears in print in the June 2021 edition of Camana Bay Times.