News at Dart

Celebrities discover Caymankind

Visiting the Cayman Islands has offered joy to millions of tourists over the years, but only a small percentage of those people ever get to call the country home.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, several celebrities chose to stay on Grand Cayman for extended periods of time, perhaps not long enough to call it home, but long enough to say they lived here for a while.


Brewing with a female touch

Some may view working in a brewery as man’s work, but don’t ever say that to Fred and Georgia at the Cayman Islands Brewery.


Dart Grant recipients teaches water safety

As summer heats up and more people turn to the water to cool down, two 2021 Dart Grant recipients are focusing on promoting water safety in the Cayman Islands.

Through public education and in-person events, the YMCA of the Cayman Islands and the Cayman Islands Aquatic Sports Association — better known as CIASA — aim to make local beaches and pools safer for all.


Women in construction at Dart

The first article of a four-part series about women working in construction-related jobs at Dart focuses on six women with roles in project operations, logistics and health and safety.

In 2018, the National Association of Women in Construction reported that women make up 9.9% of the construction industry workforce in the United States. However, more than 27% of those working on Dart's Development Delivery & Infrastructure team are women, a percentage that almost triples that in the United States.


Students participate in pilot programme focusing of Sustainable Development Goals

How can the Cayman Islands become more sustainable?

That was the question posed to grade 11 students at Cayman International School in a recent pilot programme called the "SDG Challenge" by Dart’s Minds Inspired. The SDG Challenge asked the students to consider local issues in the context of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals — often referred to as SDGs — and immerse themselves in the role of leaders, grappling with the multiple competing issues and working together as a team to select a project which, if implemented, would help create a more sustainable Cayman by 2030.


Dart files Notice of Appeal for further clarification on the Britannia lands

Grand Cayman, 23 June 2021: The Cayman Islands Grand Court recently delivered a decision concerning rights in respect of residential properties that were developed in conjunction with a resort hotel and sold with the benefit of agreements that entitled owners in Britannia (Owners) to enjoy, upon payment of a fee, certain benefits of the resort, namely the right to play tennis on certain tennis courts, to play golf on a golf course and to access certain beach club facilities forming part of the resort (Rights).  

The decision is of interest for what it says about what happens to such rights when (1) the hotel and resort cease to operate; and (2) certain of the facilities cease to be usable. The hotel and resort had ceased to operate in 2004 (following Hurricane Ivan), although the golf course, beach and tennis courts remained to some extent in place. The land on which the resort stood was successively sold until it was acquired in 2016 by Dart. When Dart acquired the land, the land registers pertaining to it recorded that certain agreements (Agreements) had been entered into with respect to the land. The legal effect of those Agreements was the subject of considerable uncertainty, as the 184 pages taken up by the judgment attest. 

Dart, who had not been involved in creating the Agreements, brought the proceedings to clarify the legal position surrounding the golf course lands. While the judgment offers some clarity to certain matters, there remain considerable uncertainties about the future use of the land.