Ken Dart

Kenneth Dart owns and serves on the Board of Directors for Dart Enterprises and a portfolio of companies in the Cayman Islands which includes Dart Real Estate, Cayman Shores Development, Decco and Active Capital. His Cayman investments include recreational and commercial real estate development and retail operations.

Born in Michigan, Ken Dart joined the family business as Vice President of Engineering of Dart Corporation, a leading manufacturer of disposable foam and paper cups. In 1986, he was appointed President, a position he held until 31 December 2014. Following its purchase of the Solo Cup company in 2012, Dart Container has operations in more than 20 locations in the US and employs over 15,000 people worldwide.

Ken Dart has been an avid investor since mid-1970s. He is also a Board member and indirect owner of Dart NeuroScience LLC (“DNS”), a research and development company located in San Diego County, California. Its mission is to discover and develop innovative ways to enhance memory, cellular plasticity, synaptic reorganisation and learning.

In the Cayman Islands, Mr Dart’s companies employ more than 600 employees and are committed to employee development, mentoring and professional growth. In 2012, the Kenneth B. Dart Foundation launched a scholarship programme for high school students to foster academic excellence in mathematics and science. The Minds Inspired programme also offers scholarships, job experience and mentoring for university students.

The Dart Foundation, in which Ken Dart is a board member, has also provided funding in Cayman for the development of public parks in each of Grand Cayman's five districts, the Central Caribbean Marine Institute, the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, the Cayman Islands Little League, the Cayman Maritime Heritage, Young Caymanian Leadership Awards, and Cayman National Cultural Foundation and Cayman Hospice Care. After Hurricane Ivan devastated Grand Cayman in September 2004, the Dart Foundation donated $1 million to the National Recovery Fund, which helped repair or rebuild numerous homes.