Dart Enterprises

As parent company to Dart subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands, Dart Enterprises provides strategic leadership and shared services to the group.

dart leadership group meeting


At Dart, we don't just talk the talk: our office at Camana Bay offers our own staff the same benefits of working in Cayman in a walkable mixed-use community that we are providing to our clients.

As well as being the holding company for the Dart portfolio, Dart Enterprises provides strategic leadership and shared services to the group.

Across the group, Dart employs nearly 700 people in the Cayman Islands: around 400 directly, and a further 300 through Active Capital subsidiaries. Our Human Resources departments ensure that the recruitment experience and work culture are consistent across the board and that we have a centralised approach to policy development.

Our forward-thinking, technologically advanced IT department also provides services across the group. The team is responsible for network operations, applications, telecommunications, infrastructure, data management and IT support. They continually search for innovative new solutions to meet the changing needs of the organisation.

Our Legal team provides in-house counsel and subject matter expertise relating to various areas of Dart's business, including property, contract, estate and employment law. The Corporate Services team is responsible for corporate administration and filings.

Our Internal Audit and Risk Management team takes an innovative approach to supporting and promoting good governance, enterprise risk management and strong systems of internal control across the group.

At the group level, our Marketing team is responsible for corporate communications and brand management, providing specialist digital and PR support to the group and general marketing support to subsidiaries without dedicated resources.

Our Finance team provides a framework for financial and resource management. They prepare financial reports at the department, company, and group level in support of performance management and decision making. They are also responsible for policy development, aspects of financial compliance, and payroll.