Dart employee Jerrica Watt careers photoshoot wide

Jerrica Watt

Title:Senior Accountant
Company:Dart Real Estate
Specialty:Bilingual: Fluent in Numbers and English; numbers are important but statements needs interpretation

Jerrica considers herself a translator for those who may not be as fluent in numbers as she is. As a Senior Accountant for Dart Real Estate, she loves creating and sharing financial reports with departments to make attaining their goals easier.

“l enjoy providing information that provides insight in on asset performing and that can assist in decision making”, says Jerrica. “I’m an accountant but being able to contribute to a vast array of different projects - from ideation to execution - is really, really exciting!”

What words would she have for herself before joining Dart? “Working at Dart will give you the opportunity to explore various industries as you try to set your career goals. If you are willing to put in the work, Dart will provide you with the necessary tools and opportunities for you to progress within the company.”