Dart employee Chip Ogilvie careers photoshoot wide

Chip Ogilvie

Title:Director Property Operations
Company:Dart Real Estate
Specialty: Energy Efficiency Fanatic

When Chip joined Dart he was attracted to the company’s vision and the opportunity to be a part of it. Today, along with his team, Chip is responsible for the physical operation and maintenance of most of Dart’s facilities, which includes a number of exciting new, energy-efficient projects.

What does he like most about working at Dart? “By far it’s the people on our team!” And what is the most rewarding, Chip says, is mentoring and coaching his team members and seeing them grow and learn, and then advance and assume individual responsibilities using their new skills.

Dart’s corporate culture may still be developing but there is one thing Chip is clear about: “Dart companies are part of an environment with many opportunities and those who embrace our values and principles do well at Dart.”

I love my job because every day presents different challenges which allow me to embark on problem-solving expeditions!