Dart employee Angella Genao careers photoshoot wide

Angella Genao

Company:Dart Enterprises
Specialty:Friendly Finance Expert

Angella’s love for problem solving led her to a career in accounting; her desire to achieve led her to Dart. “I chose to join Dart because of the opportunities for progression. I have a clear path ahead and I know that if I set and meet goals, I will be rewarded accordingly.”

As an Accountant for Dart Enterprises, Angella play a key role in the company’s financial tracking and reporting. “I love being able to solve numerical problems, large and small, to help the company stay on track financially.  I also love that my position comes with many different learning curves and I am constantly given more responsibilities to enhance my knowledge base and skill set.”

Angella’s best advice to graduates entering the working world – “Don’t think that now that you have left the classroom that your learning has ended. Joining Dart is one of the best educational experiences you will ever have. Dart’s inclusive culture brings together the best of the best in a vast number of industries, and a casual water cooler conversation with a colleague can easily turn into a great learning experience.”