Our Culture

We enjoy strong, collaborative working relationships with our business and community partners. In keeping with our Values, Culture and Philosophy, we expect the same high standards of excellence and integrity from our consultants, vendors and partners as we do of ourselves.

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Dart Values, Culture and Philosophy

Dart is committed to operating our businesses with honesty and integrity and we are proud to be a trusted member of the Cayman community. The Dart Values, Culture and Philosophy (DVCPs) are a cornerstone of this commitment, underpinning everything we do in the Cayman Islands and internationally.


We value and reward hard work and striving for excellence. This includes doing all that one can with the knowledge and resources available.


Honesty is exemplified by frank, open and straightforward conduct, and employees should possess a high level of integrity and a desire to seek and tell the truth in all situations.


It is of the utmost importance that Dart businesses continually strive to find ways to improve products and processes, to lower costs and to increase the organisation’s productivity. Without innovation, companies run the risk of becoming obsolete.


Dart is committed to helping employees achieve their maximum potential by creating an organisation that encourages people to perform at the top of their abilities. By having strong performers in the right roles, Dart businesses will flourish.


It is only by maximising long-term profits that we can continue to expand our businesses and provide opportunities and challenges that encourage employees to grow personally and realise their greatest potential.


The best decisions are based upon reason and logic, sound judgment and complete analysis of all pertinent facts and circumstances. Our use of reason and logic will create efficient outcomes in both the short and long term.


Teamwork is highly emphasised at Dart, and respect for other employees is an integral requirement for working together successfully.


Code of Conduct

The Dart Business Partner Code of Conduct provides our partners with guidance on our ethics and compliance standards we expect of them, aligning with the Dart Code of Conduct by which our employees are bound.

We value our business partners’ willingness to work with their employees, ensuring they understand the importance of acting with the highest standards. If a Dart employee’s actions are not aligned to the Code of Conduct we hope that you will report your concerns so that they can be resolved.

The quality of our business partners and our commitment to the DVCPs enable us to succeed today and to achieve long-term success. Working together, guided by this Code, will enable Dart and its partners to accomplish our goals and be proud of how we achieve success.

dart vp justin howe and gary gibbs on construction site grand cayman