Growing Communities

Launched in 2001, Growing Communities is a public-private partnership between Dart and the Cayman Islands Government which facilitated the creation, restoration and continued maintenance of five district parks, and assisted with the renovation and development of six additional public community parks in Grand Cayman. The initiative grew from Ken Dart’s affinity for natural landscapes and open gathering spaces that inspire and bring people together.

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Each park is uniquely designed to complement the natural environs while also providing communities with a gathering space for family and neighbourhood activities. Amenities include playground equipment, picnic areas and restrooms. The parks are owned and managed by the government, with Dart committed to maintaining the parks' landscaping so that they may be used and enjoyed for years to come.



Dart Family Park

The Dart Family Park is located on South Church Street, just south of George Town. Founded in 2005, the Dart Family Park is one of the largest public parks in Grand Cayman and features waterfront views, a mini-beach area, an outdoor amphitheatre and a host of children’s play facilities.

Home to the Cayman Islands National Trust, the park offers ample parking, indoor meeting room facilities, multiple shaded picnic areas and a large sanded play area. A quiet haven from the hustle and bustle of George Town, the Dart Family Park provides the perfect escape or venue for weekend family picnics and birthday parties. Budding actors can entertain audiences in the open-air amphitheatre overlooking the water, while little ones will enjoy exploring secret pathways through dense vegetation and playing house in a life-size dollhouse, built in the style of a traditional Caymanian cottage.


Scholars Park

Scholars Park is located on the corner of Birch Tree Hill Road and Stadium Drive in West Bay. Founded in October 2001, the park is named after the district’s Division 1 football team, and many of the park’s amenities are painted in the team’s blue and yellow strip colours. Scholars Park boasts lush gardens, fruit trees, a large sanded playground, shaded picnic tables, and drinking water and restroom facilities.

dart scholars park

Harold McCoy Sr. Park

Harold McCoy Sr. Park is located on Gun Square Road in Bodden Town. The site was founded in 2008 by Bodden Town residents Florence Wood, Betty Wood, Agnes McCoy and Ellen Eden, who continue to care for the park today. The most culturally-rich of Cayman’s parks, the park features a small playground that opens up to an expanse of lush flora, fauna and fruit trees that cast ample natural shade. Also on site is Nurse Josie’s Senior Centre, a traditional Caymanian cottage where visitors can view traditional artwork and antique furniture and fixtures.


Captain George Dixon Park

Captain George Dixon Park is located on Sea View Road in East End. Founded in 2003, the park features a jungle gym and playground equipment for children, shaded picnic tables, covered areas and BBQs for community gatherings and events, as well as water fountains and restrooms.

Captain George Dixon Park

Jerald Smith Park

Jerald Smith Park is located on Hutland Avenue, across from the North Side Police Station. Founded in 2003, the park features a swing set and playground equipment for children, picnic tables and covered areas for events and gatherings, as well as restroom facilities.

Jerald Smith Park


Growing Communities has created a network of inviting and safe outdoor public spaces for surrounding communities to enjoy and use as venues for a host of neighbourhood events. Parks are open to the public seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.

For information on holding an event, contact:
Recreation Parks & Cemeteries Unit
345-946-8250 or 345-244-5929
[email protected]

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