Dart in the Community

Developing our community is central to our purpose in the Cayman Islands. Our company and our employees support sustainable social and environmental community initiatives through philanthropic giving and volunteering.

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"I believe business activities based upon Dart Values, Culture and Philosophy will create employment, provide exciting career opportunities and serve as catalysts for economic growth in the communities where the businesses are located. The resulting improvement in our standard of living will provide better opportunities for us and others to lead more productive and fulfilling lives." Ken Dart

To complement the direct benefits of employment and economic growth, we support non-profit endeavours which aim to address important unmet needs of our community, enrich lives and enhance our shared environment.

Education and youth development form the foundation of a prosperous and stable society. Valuing Cayman's heritage, enjoying a diverse range of arts and culture and taking pride in our sporting accomplishments combine to foster a more cohesive society. A focus on wellness and a modern health infrastructure provide for the future well-being of our people, while responsible stewardship and conservation of our lands will sustain the natural environment.

As we prioritise these core areas, we encourage our group's 600+ employees to do the same. Our combined efforts can have a real impact, making a valuable contribution to the sustained quality of life in the Cayman Islands.


Minds Inspired

Minds Inspired is a series of educational and community initiatives and sponsored events designed to inspire Cayman’s youngest and brightest minds to excel.

The focus on science, technology, engineering and math, commonly known as STEM, is rooted in the Dart family’s belief that these subjects are fundamental building blocks for academic success and demonstrates their commitment to investing in Cayman’s future leaders and innovators.

Bridging school and the workplace, Work-X is Dart's highly coveted work experience which places students in teams and businesses across its group and provides them with meaningful, real-life work experience.

Other programmes include the annual Minds Inspired Math Challenge, MI ACADEMY Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Summer Camp, SeaPerch Challenge, mentoring sessions, and career fairs all supporting the goal of inspiring Cayman's brightest minds.

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Dart Scholar

Beyond prestige and financial support for both high school and university students, the Dart Scholarship provides young Caymanians with life-changing experience in the real world of business.

Every year since 2012, the high school scholarship awards two, four-year scholarships based on academic excellence with a clear focus on mathematics and science (STEM). In accordance with Dart's culture of meritocracy, applications are evaluated using a completely blind selection process.

The William A. Dart Memorial Scholarship was established in 2013 in memory of Ken Dart's late father who founded the Dart Corporation. It is awarded annually to a student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at an accredited overseas institution and renews annually for up to four years, subject to academic performance.

Both scholarships include bespoke mentoring and enrichment opportunities, designed to further encourage, support and inspire students to achieve their full potential.

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Growing Communities

Ken Dart's belief in the importance of community parks and open gathering spaces where people can connect with nature and celebrate family and community events is the inspiration for Growing Communities.

Growing Communities is a public-private partnership with the Cayman Islands Government that created parks in each of Grand Cayman’s five districts. These parks are owned and managed by the government, and Dart recently renewed its commitment to maintaining the parks' landscaping so that they can be used and enjoyed for years to come. In addition to the five district parks, Growing Communities has designed, built and restored a number of other public parks across Grand Cayman — frequently in partnership with neighbourhood action committees or service clubs.

More recently Dart is, again, partnering with the Cayman Islands Government to create a Beach Park at the existing Public Beach.

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Going Green

Sustainability is intrinsic to our development approach, business practices and technological innovations.

Championing the move towards alternative energy sources, we have installed solar panels on Dart properties across the island and are one of the largest producers of solar energy in Cayman. The majority of our buildings have received LEED certification for sustainable design and construction, with our new office block at 18 Forum Lane on track to receive Gold certification.

An early advocate for recycling in Cayman, we collect and reuse glass by crushing it to produce the aggregate used to pave our sidewalks.

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Our philanthropic support and corporate sponsorship have five primary areas of focus: education, youth, health and well-being, sports and culture.

Whether for in-kind donations or venue space on Dart property, tickets for charity galas or substantial monetary grants for a project, event or community programme, every sponsorship request is assessed by Dart's Philanthropic Committee and evaluated for alignment with Dart's Values, Culture and Philosophy.

Projects or initiatives supported by Dart include the Cayman Catboat Club, Cayman HospiceCare, Cayman Islands Rugby Club, Rotary Science Fair and Young Caymanian Leadership Awards. In 2016 alone, Dart supported over 60 organisations and 60 events in the Cayman Islands.

If you have a project, event or community programme you would like to be considered for sponsorship, please complete the Sponsorship Request form for our review.

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